Buy or DIY (episode 3) Farmhouse Half Bath

I’ve told you a few times that my parents are in the process of building a farmhouse on some family land in north east Texas. If you haven’t seen my tour of their cute little one room cottage, that’s here. Mom and I have been scouring Pinterest for MANY moons and we were both inspired by this incredible bathroom by Jenna Sue Design Co. (make sure and follow my farmhouse board if you’re interested in our plans)

Jenna Sue Design Co. Farmhouse half bath inspiration.
(via Jenna Sue Design Co.)

P.S. this image has been pinned about a billion million times and I could never find its original source, until now! Make sure you pin from there, if you want to pin it. Help a girl out! Her not me.

OK so hopefully you’ve seen my other Buy or DIY posts but if you haven’t, its pretty easy. I take an inspiring room and make a list of my own resources and tell you what to buy or how to DIY what you see.

My mom wants their little half bath to look exactly like the inspiration pic. Who wouldn’t? It’s really beautiful. I should say also, that I saw reference to a source list on Jenna Sue Design Co. website but I didn’t click it. I tried finding my own. So lets get started.

My mom is having one accent wall covered in shiplap to create this look. We picked Sherwin Williams’ Alpaca as the paint color. Its a great warm neutral and seems to be pretty close to the color of this room.

Sherwin Williams Alpaca

The Floors
Buy- the floors used in this bathroom are so beautiful. My parents’ house will have concrete floors throughout so this is an expense they won’t have to have but dang… These floors. If someone decides to put these in your house, I’m going to need pictures and then an invitation to come see them with my own eye balls.

Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

Buy- I found an almost identical mirror on Amazon. It’s an antique gold just like the inspiration mirror and it seems to be a good scale for the room. At $305 it’s not the most expensive mirror I found but it’s certainly not the cheapest either. If you are set on having the great shape of this mirror, then it might be worth it to just to purchase one.

Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

DIY- I think you could easily find a mirror to the correct scale for this room and spray paint the frame to get the antique metallic look. Rustoleum has an antique brass spray paint color that I think would work well for this. If you were to finish it and think it was too shiny or not antique enough, you could always dry brush some black paint over it to tone the color down.

Buy- My mom already picked this faucet from Delta for this bathroom. The important thing here is that it’s a wall mount faucet. If you aren’t in a new construction, this might be harder to replicate. In that case, just notice that the finish in the inspiration pic is aged or antique brass. LOVE IT!

Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

 DIY- I’ve read tons of blog posts about spray painting outdated fixtures. Here’s a good one from the DIY Showoff. Again, you could use the Rustoleum color from above.

DIY Showoff Spray paint faucets
(via DIY Showoff)

Buy- I chose this lighting for my parents guest bath. It has the same shape, the clear glass cover and the same dark finish color. All they need to do to match the inspiration pic is to install it so that the light and glass is pointed up toward the ceiling.

Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

DIY- Again with the spray paint..basically my favorite makeover tool. You could go to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and find some sconces, spray them black or oil rubbed bronze and buy some clear glass shade or even install them with no covers and just Edison bulbs and call it a day.

Vanity and Sink
Buy- My parents are having a custom vanity made since their house is a new build, here’s a vessel sink that looks a lot like the inspiration pic.

Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

Cabinet ring pulls can be found here. Such a cute little touch.

Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

DIY- I think the big deal here is the weathered finish of the vanity. It looks like it could be a layered look between grey stain and weathered oak. If you are so brave and awesome, I found a plan on Ana White’s website that could be modified to be a sink vanity. Not sure that’s worth it but here ya go!


DIY- Easy peasy but makes a huge impact. Just go straight to Jenna Sue Design Co. for her tutorial. Love it. You could use the same combo of stains above to get the weathered look again.
Buy- The basket under the sink will be great for extra storage and I love that it has a lid. I found a similar on Amazon although, this could maybe be thrifted with a little luck. PS this one comes with 2 smaller baskets inside. Can’t have too much storage.

Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

The wire baskets on the ladder are cool too. These could be thrifted as well but here are some ready to go. I know they have the low side, just display them from the other direction.

Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

Turkish hand towel- buy these. They are so darn cute and if you don’t care about this room, they come in tons of colors.

Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

So there you go Mom and other lovers of this Jenna Sue Design Co. inspiration room! Good luck!

Jenna Sue Design Co. Farmhouse half bath inspiration.

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Pin for future reference. Thanks for reading, friends!

Farmhouse half bath inspiration and resource list

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