Front Room Cha-cha-changes (Rug Switch Up II)

I got lots of love over the new rug on Instagram. It really is crazy how something like a rug can really change up a room.

Rug Switch Up | House Homemade

Remember the flowered rug I had in here?

Rug Switch Up | House Homemade

It’s an awesome rug and since I found it on clearance at Homegoods, it’s way better quality than what I paid for it. So, I moved it into the front room. It’s just the pop of color the room needed.

Rug Switch Up | House Homemade

It breaks up the brown so much better than the brown that was there…imagine that..

Here’s the rug that was in there:

Rug Switch Up | House Homemade

And how it looks now.

Rug Switch Up | House Homemade

I cleared out some baskets from under the armoire and simplified the pillows on the sofa too.

Rug Switch Up | House Homemade

The textured pillow case, I made by cutting up a hobnail blanket from an estate sale. I LOVE these blankets but it was just sitting in the closet and since I already had another one for the bed, I figured I might as well take advantage of that finge-y goodness and sew a pillow case.

The side table is a step stool from Ikea. I used to have it in the kitchen for the girls to stand on while I was making dinner but ladders + concrete floors + toddlers who don’t listen are a bad combo, so I was hiding it in the closet. I figure re-branding it as a side table might make it seem less exciting.

Rug Switch Up | House Homemade

I also found a place for my $1 garage sale butterfly vase. It’s so happy.

Yall, that skinny looking plant right here was given to me by the hubby on our first married Christmas (9 years ago). It was in a tiny little pot and it keeps growing taller but not any fuller. It’s our ‘love fern’ so it will always be treasured by me.

Rug Switch Up | House Homemade

Almost everything in this picture was thrifted or found on Craigslist.
This kind of decorating takes lots of time and patience but I think it’s
so much more fun this way.

Are you a constant switcher arounder of things? Any awesome area rug finds lately? Tell me all about it!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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