LuxeDecor Guest Post: Summer-Worthy Pops of Color Perfect for Every Space

Good morning! Today, I am swapping places with Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor You can click here to read my tutorial for the layered paint look that I used on a farmhouse console table for my parents’ house.  My post actually works well with this post because the palette for my parents house is mostly neutral with what?! Pops of color! So, hope you enjoy this post and make sure you head over to the LuxeDecor blog to read my ‘how to’. 

Perhaps you’ve
always been a bit shy with color. Maybe you feel that it won’t work with your
design scheme or it will feel too forced or make others question your taste.
Maybe you feel bright colors are reserved for loud places like amusement parks
or children’s birthday parties. Wrong. Bold, big and beautiful colors can
provide a neutral living space with fresh energy and joy while providing a
perfect way to inject summer style into any home.
If you’re ready
to ditch your color phobia and give your abode the rainbow treatment, read on
for tips and tricks on making a splash with a dazzling array of hues.
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A sophisticated
space has more warmth and levity with the addition of fuchsia colored pillows
and bursts of yellow. Colorful paintings add to the feeling of an eclectic and
creative space. Additional patterns and prints like zebra and florals give a
living room a richer feel and more design zing.
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A home parlor
feels exciting and inviting with brazen orange armchairs with flower print. Yellow
accents and accessories, like bowls, curtains and flowers, add contemporary
edginess that offsets the tangerine parade. A pink rug is an unexpected and
feminine twist on a citrus palette.
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If you’re a bit
timid about color, don’t fret; there are plenty of opportunities for adding
hints of kaleidoscope within a space dominated by white. A TV hutch, white
couch and white armchairs get a sophisticated tune up with fiery coral pillows
and orange acrylic table. Pops of red add more dimension to a muted space and a
burgundy blanket is a cozy finishing touch.
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For the brave, a
pop of color doesn’t always have to mean vases, art and curtains. In fact,
those with more daring can elect to create a whimsical space that will delight
and dazzle. A dizzying Alice and Wonderland kitchen design includes lime
green cabinetry and hot pink countertops. An orange lantern and white bar stools ground a space filled with lots of festive shades and funky colors.
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Image Via Vertical Connection
Besides hot pink
and lime, there are other ways to add flavor to any kitchen. Mint colored
cabinets are delicate and calming while walls colored in cantaloupe make for a
sunnier space with more zest. Perfect for a summer transformation, new paint
and wallpaper can revitalize and add charm to a space dedicated to food and
family time.
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Image Via Decandyou
Style a serene
summer bedroom space with a shamrock shades. Sky blue walls and hints of green
help a sleep space feel bright and airy. Play with patterns and prints by
adding striped window treatments and checkered pillows. Decorating with a
matching striped bed skirt and pistachio bench adds more excitement to ordinary
white bedding. Enjoy long summer days reading and relaxing in this beachy

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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