Easy Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger

Hope your weekend was great. The girls went with my parents to hang out and the hubs and I got some free time. My parents’ farmhouse is almost done and I am so excited to get in there and start putting together all the stuff I’ve been gathering for their home. I also plan to take lots of pictures and share them all with you!

Today, I’m skipping back to the girls bathroom yet again. I made a cute macrame plant hanger for very cheap and I wanted to show you how. This would be a great craft night project to do with girlfriends. Sit down with a glass of wine, do this in 10 minutes and then talk the rest of the time. Those are the kind of craft nights my friends and I have. I highly recommend it.

Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger | House Homemade
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I followed a tutorial from Brit and Co. except instead of going to the fabric store to buy jersey knit, I went to the thrift store and bought a $1 tee shirt because 1. I didn’t have a navy colored t shirt at home and 2. because I thought that was cheaper. I made sure to get a large looking shirt with a small logo so that I’d be left with mostly navy fabric.

To complete this project you need scissors, jersey knit, a tape measure, and a hook (to install). And a plant and planter obviously. Even though I almost left it out.

Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger | House Homemade

 I brought the shirt home, laid it out and cut 8 1.5″ strips.

Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger | House Homemade

Once you have your 8 strips, pull the fabric from one end to the other, stretching it but also causing the fabric to roll in on itself and look more like a tube than a strip.

Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger | House Homemade

Once all of the pieces and stretched and ready, tie them all together in a big knot at the end leaving some extra fabric at the bottom of the knot.

Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger | House Homemade

Next separate the strings into groups of 2 and tie each of those pairs into knots 2″-3″ from the bottom. I tried for 2″ but the fabric gives so much that once I got it tight, it was a little longer.

Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger | House Homemade

Now take one piece from each of the pairs and group it with one strip from the neighboring knot. The space in the middle should be diamond shaped. Tie those pieces together. Got it? I’m really bad at taking step by step pictures because I start something and get in the zone and forget to pause. Geez. Sorry. 

That’s it! The whole project is 10 knots. One at the bottom, 8 to hold the planter, and one at the top to hang from.

The glass bowl and the white sand were both a dollar at the Dollar Tree. The succulent was the most expensive part of the project. (It’s from Hobby Lobby and was like $2 with a coupon.) I can’t keep real ones alive. I think I drown them. The ones at Hobby Lobby look real so I decided to spring for them and give up on real ones.

Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger | House Homemade

It was so quick and easy! These would look so cute hanging over a dresser in a kids space with bright colored fabric or on a bigger scale in the corner of a covered porch. Love it!

Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger | House Homemade

Thanks for reading, friends!

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Tee Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger | House Homemade

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