Clearance! Stuff I’d buy for a price I’d pay

Happy Tuesday! We have less than a week until our life changes a bit: we’ll have a kindergartner! It blows my mind to think that we’re here.
I’m so proud of our big kid. She’s smart and thoughtful and a sweet
friend to those around her. I pray that she’s a light in the halls of
her new school.

Now switching to decor. I love having a beautiful, comfortable home for my family to spend time in. The hubs works from home, the girls and I are at home, so we’re here a lot. But having your house look pretty and be cozy does not have to cost a lot of money.  This part of my blogging is important to me. I do not want anyone to think they can’t get the look their going for on their budget. You can.  Over time and with patience and creativity, you can buy things that will give you a more polished, homey look without breaking the bank.

Basically any store I go to, I walk straight to the clearance section to shop. That is the same for online. So, today I’ve compiled a list of things I’d buy and the clearance prices that I’d pay for them.

This tray from Target for $8.98.


It would be cute propped against the wall on a dresser layered with a vase or frame in front, or placed on a sofa table with some coasters and remotes or used in the kitchen.

Woah. This leaning desk like the one we made is $48.98 if you want it in turquoise or grey. Ummm yeah I’ll take it in turquoise or grey…Geez, what am I? Some kind of fool? : )


This pillow is super cute. It’s pillowfort which is Targets’ new kids stuff but I’d use this pillow anywhere. Plus, I think I see pompoms so yeah, this would come home with me very quickly.


This runner from (where I buy most of our rugs) is $44. They have rugs right now at 90% off. AND coupons for 10% off that. (I always search for coupons before I buy something online. You never know…)


This one is $76 for a 5×8 and vintage looking oriental rugs are really in right now. Here’s a post I wrote about incorporating them into your house.


This isn’t super helpful because it says its out of stock online but Hobby Lobby is a place that I always grab clearance stuff for decorating. Or at least don’t buy it unless its 50% off that week. This wire longhorn is on clearance from $60 to $12. DEAL. How cute would it look on a gallery wall or over a little boy’s dresser? The answer is “very cute”.


This cutie from World Market would go in my cart. In the store. I wouldn’t pay shipping on a $2 towel. I just recently went through our kitchen towel supply and threw away some really tired looking towels. And fancy towels make doing dishes 3 times a day a little more tolerable.

This one because tassels= happiness.
**These towels are affiliate links but nothing else is. It’s all just things I like. Just want to give you a taste of my thriftiness.
I posted this find on my Instagram last week. The basket was on clearance at TJ Maxx for $6 so I grabbed it to use as a planter.

 Add a free print and you’ve got yourself a very good start to a great, eclectic looking room.

other places I shop are Tuesday Morning, Marshalls, Ross, HomeGoods and
then just thrift stores. Baskets, lamps and frames are always so easy
to find at thrift stores. I hardly shell out money anywhere else for
that stuff. Brass accents are easy to find at thrift stores too. I buy flat sheets from Walmart to use as curtains. You can read about that here. And voila, a whole room!
I just wanted to give you a little taste of what I look for when I’m out shopping for a space. Good stuff doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and good rooms aren’t made overnight. At least not rooms in our house…

So are you a clearance browser? An over time decorator? I want to hear about it!

Next week, I’ll have pictures of my parents’ new house to show you. Can’t wait to give you all the details! Thanks for reading, friends.

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