Warm Wood Tones and an Awesome Watch

**This is a sponsored post but I promise all opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!

My family and friends know that all of this House Homemade stuff originally started as “Pink Paisley” wherein I made extra fun money by painting furniture with chalk paint. I still paint and sell pieces every now and then and I still love to give furniture a pop of color, but lately I’ve been drawn to decorating with warm wood tones. Because 1. it gives a vintage, earthy vibe. 2. it’s hotter than Hades here in Texas so painting furniture in the garage is like a form of torture 3. laziness- when you find something while thrifting, you can bring it home and wipe it down and be done. NO EXTRA STEPS!

Today I want to show you how I decorate with wood and what I look for in a piece; and read all the way to the end because I’m so excited about my newest wooden accessory!

I found this amazing cabinet in Craigslist for $40. We were living in Hawaii and I saw it for sale in Dallas and begged my sweet brother to snatch it up for me. It’s way too beautiful to paint. Old, worn and the perfect brown color. Plus it provides so much storage for my unused decor. I figure as long as my extras only take up one cabinet, I’m in good shape. Notice how there are smaller, painted pieces around it. The green window and the black side table break up the brown tones.

All of these images are from my Instagram. Also, that’s Toot. She got her flattering name here. Puddle (not pictured)

Decorating with warm wood tones | House Homemade

You can see a bit of the desk which holds our tv. It was a Craigslist find as well. It was more orange when we got it so I wiped a bit of brown stain on it and brought it inside. The wicker basket was a thrift store find and adds to the eclectic look I’m going for. I’ve been known to spray paint wicker but if it’s in good shape, I say leave it be. Also, mixing wood tones is totally fine. Having everything the same stain color can get to be too heavy. If you do try mixing tones, make sure to balance it out. Try to spread furniture or accents of a certain color evenly through the space. This idea also works with painted furniture or color in a space.

Decorating with warm wood tones | House Homemade

My Gran gave me this print tray when she moved out of her house. I remember looking at it as a kid and I love that it’s in my house. I didn’t want to paint it so I cut a few rectangles of white paper to brighten it up a bit.

Decorating with warm wood tones | House Homemade

My dad made our headboard out of wood from my grandparents’ old farmhouse. I didn’t do a thing but seal it. It is so special to me. Thanks dad. Who I found out reads my blog. Awww.

Decorating with warm wood tones | House Homemade

When I’m thrifting I’m also drawn to wooden accents. I found these sweet wooden bowls at a garage sale a few years ago. I love them stacked in the open shelf space in out kitchen. I love the warmth wood brings when it’s next to bright colors or stark whites.

Decorating with warm wood accessories | House Homemade

Speaking of warm wood tones next to stark whites (my skin…)— I kid. This red head has a tiny bit of color not caused by  freckles… I was given this amazing wood watch by JORD. It’s zebra-wood and maple. SEE! Mixing wood tones!! Receiving it was such a sweet blessing because, if you know me, you know that I don’t spend money on myself. Like, barely ever unless I go crazy at an old navy sale and then pay my friend to buy it for me with her card so I can get an extra 30% off. Shout out, Erika.  Told you, it’s bad y’all…But this watch, SO GOOD! I’m hooked.

JORD wood watch review and giveaway | House Homemade

I love the size of it. It’s big enough that it makes me feel dainty. That’s a thing. Can I get a witness? Also, you’d think it would be heavy but it’s not at all!

It came in a pretty wooden box. My girls thought it was so fancy. Then fought over the box…and the ‘barbie pillow’ that came with it..

JORD wood watch review and giveaway | House Homemade

Wood is the perfect neutral. I can see myself wearing this everyday! I have so far. For something like a watch to be worn everyday they’re so reasonably priced.  Even to me! They would be such a great back to school gift for yourself (my teacher friends!) or a unique gift for birthday or Christmas. They have lots of other women’s watches too, and men’s!

JORD wood watch review and giveaway | House Homemade

Here’s my beautiful watch in our beautiful bathroom with earrings my mom had made for me and a wooden bead necklace that I thrifted then added a tassel, because tassels.

JORD wood watch review and giveaway | House Homemade

Aww, I spy a baby hand and baby cheetah converse.

JORD wood watch review and giveaway | House Homemade

Even though they are reasonably priced on their own, JORD is giving my readers credit toward a watch! One person will win $75 off the watch of
your choice. That’s a pretty great discount said the woman who loves a good discount. Anyone and everyone who enters gets a coupon for $20 off! Mom, will you enter so that JORD knows I have at least 2 readers? You and dad….

Go HERE to enter. All they need is your email and they’ll send you your coupon code for $20 off and email the winner of the $75 credit. Contest ends August 16th. Feel free to share this post with friends and family too!

Thank you JORD, for my new favorite thing and thanks for reading friends!

I hope you don’t mind me adding a sponsored post into the mix. I promise I’ll be picky in what I choose to tell you about but this cutie was right up my alley so I’m so thankful to have it and tell you about it!

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Decorating with warm wood tones | House Homemade

PS putting your watch in the grass and taking a picture is TOTALLY normal..

Wood Watches by JORD

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