How to Make a Tassel “Wreath”

Hi yall! I wanted to say thanks for all the love for our boho porch! It was so fun to do and worth the whopping $150 I spent to make it a space we love and can use more often. Now, if mosquitoes ceased to exist….

A couple weeks ago, I showed you a few fall decorations that I’ve made and touched on my love for tassels. When done with big, cushy thread, they’re such a warm and cozy addition for fall. So today, I’ll show you how to make them and how I made our new porch “wreath” with pom poms and a craft store monogram. Sale rack yarn and clearance monogram, I might add. Because, IT’S ME, PEOPLE.

P.S. I took the pictures with the door open so you couldn’t see the dust on the screen. Do you want to know how to make tassels or do you want me to wait until everything’s perfect? Because, that wont happen… I mean, look at that dying fern… #reallife. Please don’t put dust-the-screen, make-the-plants-live kinda pressure on yourself. Just keep your spouse, kids or animals alive and happy ok?! Thanks.

Back to tassel making. I found this bin at JoAnn that was “mill end” yard meaning its the extra that couldn’t make whole rolls. Woohooo just my bin.  And it was on sale that week and you can use coupons if it’s not. So I picked the most neutral looking yarn I could find. There were 3 big rolls of yard in the bag I picked and I’ve since used almost all of it for my various tassel needs. You understand.

I used a super sophisticated tool to wrap the yard around. I made some with a cast off wallet that now acts as dress up and I made others with a library board book. You wrap the yarn as many times to get the thickness of the tassel you want. The wallet made longer tassels. The board book made shorter ones.

I had some of the gray yarn so I made a few of those too. For some variation.

When you wrap the yarn around enough to get the thickness you want, you cut the yarn. Make sure you cut it off on the same side that you started. See how both of my cut edges are at the bottom?

Then you stick a shorter piece of yarn through the middle and bring it up to the top to tie it off.

 To get the top tie tight, you have to slide the yarn off the book. Or wallet. Or whatever you’re using.

Once that piece is tied tight, you take another piece and tie it around all of the yarn about 1″ down from the top.

Clip the extra yarn from this part and clip the bottom loops and you’re done!

I used the strings at the top and tied two tassels on either end of a longer piece of yarn. So each of the strings at the top of the wreath is holding 2 tassels. One on each side. I staggered them a bit so they wouldn’t all fall at the same length.

The metal ‘N’ was maybe a dollar or $1.50 in the clearance bin at JoAnn’s as well. I tied a piece of jute to a hanger on each side.

The black ribbon is stapled to the top of our screen door and holds whatever wreath I’m using at the time.

I just fold it back and safety pin it at the height I want it. Such an easy way to hang a wreath.

I love the way this turned out. It’s a non- traditional door hanging and I think it’s a fun way to welcome fall.

If I missed anything or you have a question about something, please comment below.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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