Turn a cloth calendar into a throw pillow

Well hello! Happy New Year. As of the 6th of January I’ve been
blogging for a whole year. Granted, I’ve been doing one post a week for
half of that but still! It’s been fun and challenging and more work than
I anticipated but totally worth it. God has blessed it and given me
awesome opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers and even some
companies. I hope I’ve improved over this last year. Mostly, I hope I’ve
given you lots of ideas for making your house a home. I hope you’ve
read a post and thought, “I can do that”. That would make my heart so
happy. If you’re here for the 75th time or the first, thanks for coming
and ‘guess what? I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!’ That’s from Elf. You’re welcome.

Now onto today’s post.  I’ve had this idea ever since I got this adorable calendar from a sweet friend before 2016 ever started. I never would have bought it for myself because while it’s so cute, I wouldn’t get years and years of use out of it. That’s pretty much a requirement for things I buy. Also, I love that I have friends that do sweet things for me when I won’t do them for myself. Thank you Diana.

I included this very unedited photo of where the adorable calendar hung all year. Real life people… I even see a tiny magenta pom pom on the floor.

Anyway, I love it so much and it would be a shame to not get to see it everyday now that it’s 2017. So here’s my idea. Turn it into a pillow and give it to someone that had a big 2016. You know, like a wedding or a child or the best day ever like in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

One of my very best friends had a pretty significant 2016. She had not one but TWO beautiful babies! Twin girls! Two amazing gifts from God. This picture is a favorite of mine from her baby shower. I blogged about the fiesta theme here. Side note: This picture make me miss my self tanner.

For a whole year, I’ve been waiting to make this vision in my head, a cuteness reality.  So, this was her one-week-late Christmas present.

This post contains some affiliate links. I explained this to my
oldest Nickerbean. She says it sounds like cheating but you don’t pay
any more and I told her that I’d tell you that I would use the money to
buy cinnamon chips at Taco Bueno. OK? ok.

Our calendar is from the Dime Store here in Denton but I found some cute ones here, here and here. It would even be awesome to find a vintage one in an important year and use that. 

First, I circled their birthday on the calendar- June 23rd. I just used a metallic sharpie. I like how it kind of bled out. Simple and imperfect.

Then I folded it in half. Almost. You can see I didn’t incorporate the folded edge it used to hang from. I sewed up all the sides and left about 4 inches of space on the last side so that I could later stuff it.

I the smallest bag of stuffing I could find. And filled in the form. I made sure to get filling down into the corners. I usually love to have feather pillow forms and if this were a bigger pillow, I would have but because its small and will just serve as decoration, the polyfil stuff will work just fine.

After I stuffed the form I used a needle and thread and tried to inconspicuously sew up the rest of the pillow.

Such a great idea for an important year! Cloth calendar into a pillow

Ta Da! I love the way it turned out! It’s a sweet little memento from a pretty special year. It’s nothing fancy and definitely handmade but I hope you like it, Lindsay. And tell those sweet babies Aunt Jess says not pee, poop or spit up on it. But I’ll totally still love them if they do.

Such a great idea for an important year! Cloth calendar into a pillow

As an added bonus, I thought I’d show you some pictures of their precious nursery. I took these over the summer before the girls were even here.

I found this dresser at goodwill and they added feet and painted it this warm yellow color.

Take note: Glitter rainbow unicorn kittens are basically a must in every nursery.

Lindsay, I hope you like your little Christmas present. I’ve been wanting to tell you my idea all year and I had to keep it. That was rough. Thanks for always being an amazing friend. Love you to the moon!

Such a great idea for an important year! Cloth calendar into a pillow

Thanks for reading, friends!

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Such a great idea for an important year! Cloth calendar into a pillow

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