One Room Challenge Week ONE

Hello y’all! I’m so excited to bring you this post today! I’ve had this plan in the works for a while now. I’m a planner, you know. I’m taking part as a guest participant in the One Room Challenge this spring. Like, starting today. Yay! I’m so excited and kind of nervous.


If you haven’t heard of the One Room Challenge, it’s the brain child of Linda from Calling It Home and it’s a 6 week room makeover challenge.The six weeks starts now and each week we post real time updates and then after 6 weeks, we’ll hopefully be left with an amazingly beautiful and completed room. I’ve been following along with this series for years so it’s so cool to actually be taking part in it. I hope you’ll stop back by every week to see how it’s going!

Ok, so let me give you the breakdown for the topics for each week:

Thursday, April 20th (week 3) – Setbacks and windfalls. Progress. (today)
Thursday, April 27th (week 4) – Update. Starting down the final stretch.
Thursday, May 4th (week 5) – Changes in the plan. Almost done. 
Thursday, May 11th (week 6) – The Finale! Reveal the room!
So there’s that. Let me tell you what I’m doing. I’ve hinted at it a couple times and I’ve shared this pit of a room on my Instagram Stories a few times. Any guesses? For the next six weeks I’ll be hustling and bustling to make over the girls playroom! I’m so excited. They’re so excited. I can’t wait for this idea that’s been churning in my head since Christmas, to actually be a reality.
For that to happen though, I have to show you what it looks like now. (picture that cringing teeth emoji, okay?)
This is what you see from the doorway. The rug is too small for the room, although this used to serve as a bedroom so it’s original job was to hang out at the side of a twin bed. The curtains got taken down a while back so that I could use the curtain hooks in our bedroom. The curtain rods (aka bamboo from a friends yard) are just hanging out, sad and alone. The giant horse looks like it wants to escape too. Just sayin’.

In the room there’s a small dresser I have used for a few photo ops, there’s a play kitchen that my sweet hubs made about 5 years ago, and an Ikea book shelf for toy storage although, as you can see, most storage of toys happens on the floor.

We took the closet doors down and made it into an extra little nook.

 Yep, it’s pretty sad.

Now, to be fair, I have started stripping this room and not caring about its appearance after I decided to make it over for the ORC. It used to have cute spots like this:
(Pinwheel DIY here)
At one point, it at least had a little more life…
Ok, so now that you’ve seen the messy, basically blank slate we’re starting with, let me show you the plans!!! Yay! This is the best part. Until the end, then that’ll be the best part.. 
Let me be honest. At first I set out to create a colorful space but a
colorful space using MY favorite colors: lots of greens, terra cotta, a
little pink, then I felt bad and realized I can still make a room fit in
with the rest of our house, have my signature on it, and still make
it look like their space too. So this pretty purpley, mauve room was

What do you think? I love it! I want it to be a pretty room that we all want to be in…Not just a toy pit. We’ll be building a bookshelf wall complete with a daybed for maximum cuddling/ reading/ relaxing capabilities. Jess’ daybed nook from the Bright Green Door is my inspiration for the front wall. At first, we were just going to build a window seat then realized it might be nice to have a space for a guest every now and then or just a bed for someday when our girls split rooms again. There will be a round table for crafting and game playing and even open shelving to be used as a “desk” space. It’s going to be a playroom but the girls are getting big enough that they’ve started enjoying activities more than toys so I want this room to give them lots of areas for that. And sitting. It’s like my favorite pastime. 
Because it’s fun to cross things off of a to do list, I’ll make one for the satisfaction of doing just that. 

patch holes and paint ceiling and walls (and closet)
build platforms for bookcases and bed
prime and paint built ins
wallpaper built in wall around window
build IKEA bookcases- This might take an entire week on its own. Just saying.
trim built ins
make roman shades
paint art table
diy lazy susan for art supplies
paint bar stools
stain toy crates and desk top
create desk and desk wall
sew day bed pillows
diy large wall art
diy pendant light
install ceiling fan
organize toy storage/ donate all the toys ; )
hang artwork
stage the shelves with toys, books and plants
make the room look amazing with thrifted finds, etsy goodness and DIY’s galore

I’m so honored to have sponsors that have provided product for the success of this room. I’ll always disclose when I’ve been given a product and when I’m providing affiliate links. Like I’ve told you before, it’s sponsorship and affiliate links that allow me to buy more glue sticks and Taco Bueno cinnamon chips so rest assured, it’s all going to a great cause. : )
I cannot
wait to get in there and get started and I can’t wait to show you all of
it. Even if a purple playroom isn’t your thing, I’ll be doing lots of
DIY’s and creating tutorials that might be. Stick around, come back,
follow along as I get the job done!
Thanks for reading, friends!

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