Reader Redesign: A Casual, Kid Friendly Living Room

Hello! I’m so excited to officially announce that I offer e-design services!! That was part of my original intention for House Homemade and now it’s happening. Wooohoooo! The ‘e’ part of e-design means that it’s all done online.  That’s the best part! I don’t have to be anywhere near you to
help you out with a space!

A couple months ago a new friend on Instagram messaged me to ask if I did design work. We talked about her living room and what she wanted out of the space and this is what I prepared for her. **pretend you’re Molly, because I wrote this for her**

Here is what I envision for your living room:

a few updates can help to make a light, bright, refreshed living room space.

First of all, I know it would be a big job but if you ever decided to,
painting the ceiling beams would make a huge difference in making the
room lighter and even making the ceilings feel taller. Even more so,
painting the built ins and trim but I think the beams would make a big
difference on their own.

I’ve picked light and bright curtains and a new long curtain rod. I would hang the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as the longest length of these curtains will allow and still graze the floor. Also install the curtain rod far out from the sides of the window. This way the curtains will hang completely outside of the window making the windows and the room feel bigger and lighter. (Here’s a really bad depiction of this. Let me know if this doesn’t help.)
I’ve picked a plug in pendant that would look great in between the two chairs. The higher the light, the brighter it’ll be. If you don’t like this option, I’ve picked a large scale floor lamp that would do the same thing and could go on the far side of either chair and face in.

I picked pillow covers that are very light but I made sure they are removable so that if they get stained, they can be thrown in the wash. Some of them are only the cover so here are some feather inserts that would fit. Ikea has good ones too if you live near one.

An area rug will lighten the space and create cohesion between the furniture pieces. I think an 8×10 would work and I’ve picked a couple that will look great in the space. Place the rug in the center of the room and make sure at least the front legs of the sofa and chairs are on the rug.

Art work: To lighten the fireplace, I’d switch the art over the piano with the clock. Or I’ve included a mirror for the fireplace that would help reflect light. I’d move the 3 pieces by the exterior door to be hung right above the tv. Line them up so that they are centered above the tv but let the bottom of each frame be only a couple inches above the tv so that they look like a unit and not disconnected. Also make them be about 1″ apart from each other as well. Put the 3 that are on the other wall,  in the spot by the door. Hang them like they are or hang the 2 vertical pieces one on top of the other about 4″ away from the door and about 2 inches apart from each other. Move the big print by the tv and hang it right over that table. The lamp can just move over to one side and it’s ok if it overlaps the artwork (it will reflect more light that way).  The center of any artwork (with the exception of being over a piece of furniture) should be about eye level so you might need to move things down a bit. It’s hard to tell from the pictures.

In the picture below, each item can be clicked (except for the mirror) to go to the affiliate link shopping page:

a few updates can help to make a light, bright, refreshed living room space.

I hope you love the design and I can’t wait to see pictures once you’ve completed the changes! Let me know if you have any questions.

**ok, now you can be you again.** That’s what an e-design consult will look like! Molly did what I suggested. She bought a few things and re-purposed a few things she already had and completed the room! Here are some pictures she sent me:


In case you’re interested in an e-design consult, you can email me at From there I’ll send
you information regarding the pricing for my services. When you’re ready, send me pictures of your room and answer a
few questions for me. I’ll create a design board with affiliate links to
different items that I would purchase for your room. I’ll also let you
know what you have that I would still use and how I might rearrange it
or style it for an updated look…Because you know I’m all about using what you already have. The
design board and the details regarding the install will all be
published to a password protected post here on my site so that you can
see it anytime you want.

It’s so fun for me to get
to redesign a space but one of my favorite things about it is that you
get the satisfaction of bringing the plan to life. I’ll help, but you do
it. You CAN do it. That’s what this blog is all about anyway.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for encouraging me with your sweet comments here on the blog, in real life and over on instagram. They all mean so much to me. I’m so thankful for this creative outlet.

Thanks for reading, friends.

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a few updates can help to make a light, bright, refreshed living room space.

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