A Shared Kid’s Room Design Board

It’s Halloween! I hope you’re having a good one. I’ve been so thankful for this cooler weather and the relief fall brings to my heart. I also can’t wait to eat so much of my kids candy. It really is the best time of the year.

While I don’t have a Halloween related post to share with you, I do have a kid related post to share with you and kids and Halloween go together so I’m still in theme...not…but whatever.

Today, I wanted to share a redesign post I did for a friend, Necole, and her boy and girl’s shared bedroom. (More on my e-design services here) Unisex bedrooms can be tricky especially when you want to make sure that each kid gets a space that reflects them and is important to them. I tried to create a space that will grow with them and not feel like an impersonal room.  This is the design plan I shared with their sweet momma. *psst. this post includes affiliate links*

A shared kid's room design board
I’d paint the room in Sherwin Williams ‘agreeable grey’. It’s a great neutral but still keeps things light and bright. 
I picked matching bedding but in different colors then I’d buy them matching sheets to pull both sides together. A batman pillow for little man and a sweet ruffle pillow for the big girl. 
I chose the rug I used for our dining room because it has so many great colors. A little pink but also some neutral greys and taupe and then navy and black. Also, it’s so busy in pattern that it will hide any spills and stains.  I’d buy it in an 8×10 at least. a 9×12 would give you plenty of space in between the beds and leave room for rug on either side. Big rugs can get expensive but they run sales and discount codes.

You could easily find a thrift store night stand for in between their beds. Something like this would look so good too. It’s metal so it’s easily wipe-able and each kiddo could have a drawer.

I also think you could find matching thrift store or craigslisted twin beds as well but something with simple lines like this would work. I think black would look great but wood tones would work too.
Above their beds, I picked watercolors by the same artist “Art Quality” on ETSY. They are made to by 8×10’s but if you’ll ask the shop owner, a lot of times they’ll resize them so that you can print them bigger. I’d try to get at least 11×14’s. I’d put them in these frames. They have a mat so the print will looks nice and substantial over each of their beds. The great thing about framed art is that you can switch out the actual artwork and be able to use the frames in here for years. You can get poster sized prints from staples or Walmart for pretty cheap.

I picked some rattan (but plastic) toy bins. A row of hooks for coats, backpacks or dress up. A cute shelf for little trinkets or things that need to stay up and out of the way and some cute wall art for a gallery wall right by the door on K’s current bed wall.

A simple, modern black curtain rod and some plain white curtains will look so nice, soften the room and work for both kiddos. I even picked out some outdoor fabric in case you wanted to make the window ledge a seat for reading and relaxing.

The window wall is also where you’ll have your extra storage. These pax wardrobes from Ikea would be a great way to add some closet space to the room. I’d buy them in white to keep the space looking light and bright. You could even trim these out to make them look like a wall of built ins.

Update: I also gave her the idea to use closet systems on the open wall they have and cover them with curtains like we did in our bathroom. Much more budget friendly.
The design board below has clickable images for each of the items I found for the space:
A Brother and Sister Shared RoomThe room is being working on as I type. All the pretties are ordered and I know it’s going to look amazing once it’s done. I’ll show you as soon as I can! Thanks for letting me get creative with this room, Necole! Can’t wait to see it….I know you’re ready too.
Again, I’d love to help YOU with a space. Reach out if you’d like more info.
 Happy Halloween! Comment your favorite candy below! I’d love to know. Mine is Reese’s.
Thanks for reading, friends!
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