Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey yall! Tis the season!! As you read this, I’m probably chomping at the bit to start decorating. (or I’ve already done it…yeah. I’ve definitely already done it.)  Today, I want to talk to you about ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts. Last week, my husband spoke to a group at our church about budgeting for the holidays and I tagged along and spoke about quick, inexpensive or DIY gifts that would be great to give for the holidays. I know this time of year can be stressful for a lot of families.  It’s so important to not get caught up in the rat race of the holidays and to miss out on it’s true meaning… Jesus was born, y’all! That’s awesome! Take a deep breath and enjoy. : )

2016 Christmas Home Tour

With that being said, I know the feeling of loving or appreciating someone and wanting to do a little something for them, to show them that you care. The following are gifts that would let someone you’re thankful for, know that you’re thinking about them, without having to break the bank.

Friend gift: Coffee and a cute cup. This is such a cute presentation thing. Grab a bag of coffee when you see it on sale. Get a cute mug. Pop the bag in the mug. Tie a bow around it. Done. It’s cute. Everyone loves a good coffee mug and depending on the mug and the brand of coffee the whole gift could be under $10.

Here’s one I made with Aldi coffee (which is great by the way) and a mug from the clearance aisle at Target.

So cute right?! I’d be happy to be gifted this!

Parent/ Grandparent gift: Wall calendar. Parents eat this one up. : ) For the past 7 years I’ve made a calendar for my inlaws and my parents. I use the 8×10 from shutterfly.  I’ll put pictures of the girls from the specific month in 2017. So when you flip to a new month in 2018, you’ll see their pictures from the same month a year ago. It’s sweet and nostalgic and they keep them so it ends up being a collection of memory books. I make these at the end of November each year. I’ll have the girls put on hats and act cold so I can get a couple ‘December’ photos…cheater. But that, my friends, is another example of not getting stressed out around the holidays. Get something done early by faking December. : )

Here’s a screenshot of our 2017 calendar. I love putting the pictures in order of month, and I already save all of our pictures by month to Shutterfly anyway. If you don’t want to do it this way, there’s an option that the pictures will auto-populate for you. It can be even quicker and easier than what I do.

Teacher gifts: I’m sure this is the case for many but December is a slimmer month for us. On top of Christmas angels and boxes and good stuff like that, we have birthday’s and holiday’s and… taxes due… I love my girl’s teachers and I so appreciate them but if that’s going to happen, I’ll let it be at a later date. Spoil them at spring break when no one else is bringing gifts. For Christmas, though, I make this little gift. I found it years ago from here and think it is so cute!

These are the ones I made a couple years ago when both girls were in preschool. You need a flat candy bar like a hershey’s bar or a box of candy like junior mints or whoppers. A pair of fuzzy socks. You can find them at dollar general, target dollar spot, etc. Then I just use the back side of wrapping paper to wrap the candy.

Slip the socks over top.

Tie them with yarn or tulle.

Then use a black and orange sharpie to draw on the face. Not hard, not time consuming but so cute. I was a teacher and I would have been so happy to get candy and cozy socks.

So there you go! Just some sweet little gifts that would brighten anyone’s day without breaking your budget. Do you have some go-to gifts you love to give? Share below!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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