The Global Styler: Valentine’s Day

Well hello there!! I’m so excited to finally be back to working with my Global Styler friends Stephanie, Corinna and Kathy. I took a couple months off couldn’t get my act together to participate and it’s good to be back. Today were talking Valentine’s Day! Specifically tablescapes and food.

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

Now, while I’m a big fan of food, I’m not much of a holiday decorations kinda lady. Christmas only, really. But I thought it would be fun to do a little decorating using what we already own.

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

I also am, most definitely not, a food blogger. I call myself the short order cook at our house. I can make decent meals. I enjoy putting dinner together most nights but nothing that I make is exceptional or beautiful really. So for a Valentine’s Day dessert, the most obvious of easy dessert choices were Oreo’s dipped in white chocolate. So that’s what I did….with a few pretzels because I had left over chocolate bark.

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

Healthy eating tip: if you only dip the Oreo half way into the fake-almond-bark-chocolate, it’s half as many calories, making it basically like diet dessert.** YOU’RE WELCOME. **this is an opinion and is not backed by facts but it sounds good right?

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

Oh, also you might notice these aren’t normal Oreo’s. They’re OLYMPICS Oreo’s. Oh my goodness the Olympics make me so happy. I CANNOT WAIT!!!

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

On the table I used a thrifted bamboo tray. Thrift stores are great for things like this. I am always looking out for trays and baskets.

The pretty, light pink dish towels were a recent TJ Maxx purchase. I bought a couple new ones to replace the worn and holey ones I cleared  in the House Homemade Clean-out. Side note: just because it’s not January anymore, this clean-out was so helpful and is easy to start at any point. DO IT!

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

The plate is part of a whole set I found at my great aunt’s antique store and later received as a wedding present. I glued a candle stick to the bottom of this one to make it a cake plate.

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

You may recognize the ice dyed napkins I posted about a while back. They have less contrast than they used to thanks to many, many washings but I still love how they turned out.

Ice dyed napkin tutorial

Read about that fun dying process here.

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

My global-ish boho-ish touch to this decor were the arrows I quickly whipped up. I used a stick. Broke it in half.

Cut an arrow head out of cereal box cardboard. 

I love the natural color of the cardboard but I spray painted the printed, colorful side with some gold spray paint we had in the garage.

I used a saw to make a little notch in the top of each stick so that the arrowhead could slide right in. (If you don’t want to do that part, there’s always hot glue.)

 I pulled some stems from a nandina we have outside and washi taped the stem to the stick.

I also wrapped some washi tape around the stem of the arrow a few times too. For some extra color and charm.

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

Aren’t they cute!?

The Global Styler: Valentine's treats and tablescapes

took 5 minutes to make and cost nothing. They are Valentiney but not all
frilly and pink. Happy medium.

Valentine's treats and tablescapes
Click here to see more of our dining room makeover

It was fun to set up this pretty in pink scene. Now imagine it in the middle of the table with actual place settings. That would be pretty too.

Thanks for coming over for dessert!

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Valentine's treats and tablescapes
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These ladies have skills!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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