The Global Styler: Día de los Muertos Door Decor

Hello there and Happy OCTOBER! I can’t believe it’s already here but I’m really happy about it. Because it’s the first Monday (and day) of the month it’s Global Styler time! Every month I get together with Casa Watkins Living, Up to Date Interiors and A Designer at Home to bring you globally influenced decor ideas. This month we’re talking door decor.

Halloween wreath | House Homemade

Last year I made this cutesy Halloween wreath with beautiful African fabric. You can read about that super quick DIY here.

This year I decided, while standing in the dollar spot at Target, that I’d shift things over to Mexico and make a cute little Día de los Muertos door decor. Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday where families pray for and remember their ancestors who have died to help them along in their spiritual journey.

Dia de los Muertos Door Decor | House Homemade
my Mexican themed decor post can be found here

I know the actual day isn’t until November but the
brightly colored skulls and traditions of family and honor are such a
sweet thing to celebrate.

Dia de los Muertos Door Decor | House Homemade

Like I said, this wooden sugar skull was in the dollar spot at Target for $3. It’s a good size and scale for a little door decor and was just the thing to inspire this project.

The girls wanted to help but I forgot about it and then they went out of town. I only colored in a few sections so that I could let them decorate it more later.

Dia de los Muertos Door Decor | House Homemade

They’ll want to use paint but colored pencil is so good for staying in the lines…

Once I colored in as much as I wanted for now. From here I could have easily turned this into a wall hanging or attached it to a wreath but I’ve already done that.. This time I used some faux greenery stems from Hobby Lobby. I went to Michael’s first but their stuff doesn’t look as realistic. Hobby Lobby had so many stems that looked real and SHOCKER, they were 50% off. That cannot be beat.

I ended up picking something that looked maybe like ginkgo and then 2 stems of lambs ear.

The ginkgo was a bigger stem so I bent half of the branches down. I tied the lambs ear on top of each side of the ginkgo stem.
Dia de los Muertos Door Decor | House Homemade

I wanted to leave all of the stems in tact as well as possible so that when I take this decor down, I can still use the greenery. It was 50% off but still $15 worth of stems. Might as well use them more than once a year.

Dia de los Muertos Door Decor | House Homemade

I hot glued the skull in the center of the stems.

Dia de los Muertos Door Decor | House Homemade

and here’s where I went rouge. Our door is a mess right now SO, I hung it up in my office.

Dia de los Muertos Door Decor | House Homemade
I love it! It gives me girl power / Frieda vibes.
Dia de los Muertos Door Decor | House Homemade
It would look so cute on our door if I wasn’t sanding it down to get a new coat of paint soon. One Room Challenge I’m looking at you.
Hope you liked this Day of the Dead inspired DIY.
Dia de los Muertos Door Decor | House Homemade

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Come back Thursday for the start of the One Room Challenge!!! (clap hands emoji) I’m so excited. Thanks for reading, friends!

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