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Good morning! I’m so excited to be a part of the Spring Home Tour hosted by Monica over at Monica Wants It! If you’re here because you just toured Iris’s house, welcome! If you’ve missed Monday’s tours make sure you go back and look around. There is so much inspiration! If you’ve never been here before, I’m Jessica. I’m a wife, momma and lover of DIY, thrifting, styling and changing things around in our house ALL THE TIME. Nice to meet you! Ok, so let’s get started here. *This post contains affiliate links.

stained concrete floors review

Our entryway got a makeover in the fall and I still love its simplicity so much. (see the befores here) With an exception of the plants and some of the rugs, most of our spaces got very neutral over the winter. I decided to bring in some color with some “art” I had back in our bedroom.

I call it art with quotes because it was a tank top that never fit me right, so I framed it.  My husband LOOOVES this plastic, bamboo 70’s frame by the way. No. He does NOT love this plastic frame. If I can ever thrift a real one I will, okay handsome?

I just love the colors of this piece though. She’s so fancy.  Under that I made that banner from a canvas tote. I posted about it just yesterday if you’re interested.

Shop our entryway here:

In from the entryway is my desk space and our front room. We built this desk a couple years ago. You can find the tutorial and similar styles here. It’s a perfect use of this space. I’ve been working on rethinking areas in our home to meet our needs and not just their original function. The desk is a perfect example of that.

I leaned a garage sale butterfly vase and a colorful plant basket.

..and some Ikea cacti. I’m not good at keeping the real ones alive so these fit me just fine.

Shop my desk space here:

Behind my desk is this gorgeous cabinet that I scored a couple years ago on craigslist for FORTY DOLLARS. Yes, I’m yelling. It’s that exciting.

We have a million and one books so I thought for spring I’d make as many rainbow groupings as I could. This was the original though. The OG stack that started me down a rabbit hole that I’m really happy about.

Shop the front room here:

From there you can see into the dining room. It just got a little makeover after Christmas. I love the new ledge and wallpaper.

DIY metal light shade
Spoonflower wallpaper

For spring I brought in this vintage step stool chair that was my husband’s grandmother’s.

I like the little pop of color it adds in here.

Side note: All of the woven baskets, trays and plant holders are thrifted. So plentiful and I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

This built in is one that sold me on our house 10 years ago.

Built ins are so charming!

dip dyed wall hanging tutorial

Shop the dining room here:

You can see how open our spaces are. It’s crazy you can see almost every instagram shot I take from this one angle….PS I post there almost daily so come follow me if you don’t already.

I’m super excited for how I changed up the living room. The blanket ladder is from our bedroom.

This rainbow blanket that I found at a thrift shop is so beautifully done and I was so excited to be able to display it like this and have it mimic our book stacks…It’s the little things, right?

When the seasons change I like to bring in lighter weight fabrics and brighter colors.

I switched out deep green velvety throw pillows for some lighter shades.
The two bigger pillow covers were made with a $2 shower curtain from my favorite store. Shout out to my sweet friend Keri for sewing in the zippers. Mine would have looked horrible.
kilim pillows via
More rainbow stacks. I’m telling you. They make me happy.
My husband is an avid reader. When we first got married, our his books were stacked at least 15 high up every wall in rows in our tiny apartment.

It’s nice to have lots of spaces to put them now. Pssst that was part of the reason I wanted a wall of bookshelves in the girl’s playroom.

This isn’t part of the tour but I just recently cleaned it so I might as well show it off. You can see more pictures here.

Back to the living room. Shop it here:

I’m so happy that spring is here in North Texas. It’s such an awesome time. After the winter I’m always so thankful for the warmer air, time outside and more daylight, right!?

Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m thankful for that too!

Make sure you keep going on in the blog hop. Next up is my friend Stephanie at Casa Watkins Living then there’s a whole weeks worth of good things to see.

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Thanks for reading, friends!

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25 thoughts on “Spring Home Tour

  1. Hello, fellow Texan! Jessica- I cannot believe that cabinet was only $40, what a bargain! Your whole home is simply gorgeous, and the way you layer textures/colors/decor is sheer perfection. I love it all!

  2. Jessica, what a warm and happy home you have created. Love the rainbow book vignettes and that beautiful blanket you brought into your living room from your bedroom. Those little pops of color are so cheery! Also that step stool chair in your dining room just brought me right back to my childhood in a snap. My grandmother had one too and my heart is bursting with love just thinking about her – thank you for dusting off that sweet memory this morning!

  3. What a fun, fun, fun home! I love that you made art from a tank top ;), love the rainbow stacked books (I have mine stacked in solid color groupings, but may have to switch it out!). All the color in your home and your amazing thrifted finds create a space that is so welcoming!!

  4. Aww thanks Lisa! Such kind words. I love that we have this little stool. I'm sure its great memories for my husband as well.

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