So, we’re moving…

Yep! You heard it. We’re moving. Believe me, this was not what we thought was our plan.

Last August my husband took a new job a little more than an hour away from our home. I remember being happy for him but crying when he took it thinking that the drive would be too much.

It would be too hard. It would make him want to change jobs. I wanted him to be content and I was afraid a job so far away wouldn’t bring that.  NEVER did I EVER think the answer would be to move. Nope. We were living in our “forever home” in our favorite town.

One day it dawned on me. We could move. Seriously, that’s not actually an amazing idea or anything but I feel like it was totally from God because neither of us ever considered it.

As the year continued and the drive time continued to be 2 hours+ every day, our minds wrapped around picking up and moving somewhere closer to his office.

more playroom

So that’s what we’re doing. It won’t be easy. Change is hard. We’ll miss our church. We’ll miss our amazing friends. We’ll miss our sweet little house.

more bathroom

 But I feel totally at peace. I’ve seen God work in our lives so many times in ways that weren’t ‘our idea’. He’s just too big and too great to let us go by OUR PLANS.

concrete floor details

It’s crazy to think back at all the memories we made in this house. We renovated, grew together, brought babies home, spent holidays and loved this great house. TEARS!


We’ve been talking to our girls about how home is anywhere our family is. WE make a house a home.

more dining room

We’re only moving 45 minutes/ an hour down the road. It’s not like we can’t come back and see our people. But it is far enough that our entire circle changes. New school, obviously, new church, new play dates, new MEXICAN FOOD… #priorities

More back porch

In terms of the blog it’s pretty exciting to think about a whole new house to fix up! My mind has already been spinning. This house was mostly done when I started the blog, here are some befores. The next one you’ll get to see things from the beginning!

Side note: now you know why I ruthlessly did the January clean out. You realize how much stuff you have when you start to think about packing it all. After doing it, though, I will be following that list every. single. year. It was great!

So there you have it.  We’re staying until Nickerbean 1 finishes her school year but pretty soon we’ll be putting this cutie tootie on the market…Like, on Thursday (We want to have a contract on our house so we can start the hunt.) Wanna buy it?

I’ll make sure and keep you up to date on the process. The big stuff will be here but the day to day will be mostly over on Instagram. I’d love for you to come follow me there if you don’t already.

Thanks for reading, friends! We’re excited for this new journey.

2 thoughts on “So, we’re moving…

  1. What exciting news! I know your darling house will bring so much happiness to a new family. So many new memories to be made for all the Nickersons!

  2. Thank you Kathy! We're excited and nervous but it will be great. Also, happy birthday last week. Sorry I missed it earlier. Love you

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