Home Tour: 3 weeks later

Hey yall! Since I first showed you our new house while it was empty (that tour is here), I thought it would be fun to come back today and show you the progress we’ve made. Mainly that amounts to unpacking but I did do a few makeovers thanks to the power of paint.So that you dont have to click back and forth between the first tour and here, I’ll add some ‘befores’ where they’re needed. *this post contains affiliate links. Buying from these links is no extra cost to you, but the companies send just a little, tiny bit to me.

First up, the entry way. I painted the door. It’s a really pretty green, SW ‘fresh balsam’. I wanted to go a bit darker but the front is always in shade and I wanted to make sure the door still read as green from the street.

House Homemade New Home tour: 3 weeks progress

At first I wanted a huge fan of the faux terra cotta tile look but it works so perfectly with my great grandmothers beautiful rug.

House Homemade New Home tour

I’ve ordered this light for in here. It’s so pretty and modern which is what I’m going for in this house. Simpler, cleaner lines. Bummer is that it won’t be here until August so just imagine it in the space.

House Homemade New Home tour: 3 weeks progress

Behind the camera and into the front room. The someday reading room, you’ll find a million stacks of books, homeless lamps, frames and stuff I don’t know where to put.

House Homemade New Home tour: 3 weeks progress

This room will get there but right now instead of a junk drawer, we have a junk room….Visible the second you step through the door. With no plans for building shelves in sight. I’m cool with it. It’ll get there someday.

In the kitchen not much has changed.

House Homemade New Home tour: 3 weeks progress

I added our other gorgeous heirloom rug and we unpacked but realized how much less room the kitchen has. Really I’ve realized I don’t need more kitchen, just less stuff.. Anyone else? Can I get an ‘amen’?

House Homemade New Home tour: 3 weeks progress

The kitchen and laundry room are going to be the lucky winners this fall when I participate in my second One Room Challenge. The first one I did was the playroom over a year ago. I am chomping at the bit for this.

House Homemade New Home tour: 3 weeks progress

Best part though? We’ll be changing some things but it won’t be a complete overhaul. (I’m not sure if you can relate but we aren’t millionaires and we have actual bills and a mortgage…weird…) I hope that working with what we’ve got in terms of GREEN countertops and existing cabinets and flooring will help you to feel like you can love the space you’re in without spending thousands of dollars, completely gutting and starting fresh.

Ok back to the tour…

The dining room has taken a turn for the worse.

House Homemade New Home tour: 3 weeks progress

We started ripping down the wallpaper and since that is the least fun thing on the planet, I quit… I also removed 2 of the 3 glass shades for the light fixture. It’s bad but at least we don’t bang into it anymore. I feel like the uglier I let it get, the better the ‘afters’ will be come October.

The living room got painted last week. Fireplace. You’re next. Side note: that CRATE AND BARREL sofa was a CRAIGSLIST SCORE! I’m screaming at you because it makes me so happy! (more second hand search tips to come)

House Homemade New Home tour: 3 weeks progress

We primed and painted the walls, ceiling beams and trim white.

House Homemade New Home tour: 3 weeks progress

The beams were pretty but they made the ceilings look low and really darkened the room. I tried to leave the fireplace as is but the room will shine once it’s all lighter.

Oh yeah! One more thing. We ripped out the carpet in here. My friend Melissa came over and was like, “let’s do it!” so we did. I need to scrape the drywall compound and the glue but I love the light color. We’ll seal it eventually but no staining it like in our last house. 

Remember the vanity with the mirror that was in our old dining room? I took off the mirror (it’s currently being propped in the junk room) and used the base as our tv stand. I want this house to stay a bit more minimal and clutter free but I had to make this pretty little gallery wall. There are too many pictures of our babies that I refuse to let go unseen.

House Homemade new house tour: 3 weeks later

We’ve done nothing in our room. Honestly, I’m liking the simplicity. Not meaning that I won’t ever do anything in here but I am enjoying blank space right now.

House Homemade new house tour: 3 weeks later

The antique cabinet ended up in here. I’m using it as my dresser. Our closets are huge so really we don’t need any extra storage but it’s the best piece of furniture. Ever.

House Homemade new house tour: 3 weeks later

Oh and I spray painted the curtain rods. Use what you already have on hand. These were nice, left with the house, so why buy new? Pardon the giant rug pad taking up that whole corner..
Upstairs, the girls have done most of the “styling” themselves. The big kids room is pretty cute. We haven’t gotten her the full sized bed we promised but her little day-bed-on-the-floor is sweet.

House Homemade new house tour: 3 weeks later
In case you forgot, the plans for her room are laid out here. But for now, she loves the wall color and it’s just fine.
House Homemade new house tour: 3 weeks later
Nickerbean 2 loves her room too but she’s being a little more pushy about me finishing things up.
House Homemade new house tour: 3 weeks later
She got the dining room rug because her goal is to have the ultimate rainbow room. In due time, child. You’re getting rainbow vibes from this though, right? Also, notice the piles of things on the floor. I need to organize both their rooms but that’s a project for when they start school this fall.
Last but not least because I love it! My office!
House Homemade new house tour: 3 weeks later
I honestly had no plans to work in this space anytime soon but I got this beautiful rug from Well Woven. Then I found wire shelving in the attic and it was go-time from there. See the wire grids above my desk. Those were horizontal shelves on a wire base in the attic. I saw them and thought they’d look awesome mounted. A little gold spray paint and some paint SW “extra white” and “oyster bay” and I could not love this room more. I plan to finish it out and show it off but so you can see where it came from, here’s the before.
House Homemade new house tour
House Homemade new house tour: 3 weeks later
Well, what do you think?! Tell me your favorite change so far. Thanks for stopping by, yall! Come back next week for…..something.  I’m working to keep up.
Thanks for reading, friends!

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  1. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading a blog online!! Your new house is beautiful and look forward to seeing the changes that you make. Have fun.

  2. Thank you so much!! I'm having a blast making all the changes. : )

    also, sorry it took me so long to respond. I never got notified of comments. Thanks for reading!

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