Casual California Ranch

You guys! I’ve been doing more design work lately and it is making my heart SOOOO happy. I wanted to show you a favorite I recently finished for a new friend here in Richardson. Her house is so beautiful but she wanted to make things a little more cohesive and DONE before baby number FIVE gets here in December. Lauren, you’re superwoman, obviously.  Each object in the design board below can be clicked to go to the shopping site. *this post contains affiliate links.

Casual California Ranch | House Homemade

I know husband, this house is not in California. Her laid back style and the natural elements in the home just gave me that feel, so go with it, ok? I am such a bad blogger because I don’t have before pictures but like I said, her house was beautiful already. She just wanted to make a few tweaks to make the spaces more streamlined and more ‘them’.

I picked a new rug for under her dining table. It’s busy and pattered enough to hide spills and crumbs. The terra cottas will go well with the natural, earth tones she has going on in that space.

rug via

As for the living room area rug I picked two that would go well. The darker one is still more muted than what  was in there but the blues tie in with the one above.


and then this one would look great and brighten things up. It just might show wear and tear a bit faster.


She wanted to paint her kitchen island that opens up to the living and dining room. I picked SW pediment. It will lighten the kitchen and feel a little more modern than the dark stained wood that was there.

I picked these counter height bar stools for the island too.


I like the look of the black metal with the beautiful light she has hanging in there and again they tie in with their black countertops on the other side of the kitchen. They are affordable and have great reviews. I like that they have backs in case one of those littles gets up and tries to tumble backwards.

On down to the bathroom.

I picked this large round mirror. It will soften the boxy lines that can happen in a bathroom. She wanted more natural light. I’ve shared this before but using a huge mirror isn’t always the answer. If the mirror is facing a dark corner, it reflects darkness. Using a smaller mirror and letting more wall color show around it can sometimes work better to add more lightness to a small space.


As for lighting I picked this modern, brass globe light.


Spoiler alert: Lauren really is superwoman because she got started right away and is almost done!!! We’ve talked and she’ll be gracious enough to let me come take ‘after’ pictures to share with you!

Casual California Ranch | House Homemade

I cannot wait to see it. It was such a fun project to tackle and I have no doubts that their home looks awesome.

I’d love to help you finish out a space that you aren’t totally happy with. Email me at for more info!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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