Holiday Gift Guide: Kid’s Games

I’m back with what I think will be my last gift guide in 2018. Last week when I shared some favorite gift ideas for girls, I thought about the games we love to play and it made me want to share the good ones with you…because let’s be real, there are some that are not fun for us as parents. *this post contains affiliate links.

Blockus is a really cool game. It takes some coaching and a little help for the girls but you try to fill the board with your color tetris-like pieces (they can only touch at corners), use them all and block the other colors. It’s fun. The girls also play with the pieces on the board because they’re pretty, see though shapes.

Uno is fun for us all to play as well. The box says 7+ but our little one has been playing it well over a year. (she’s 5) 

I talked about Sherlock on my last gift guide. You lay out 8 cards with different objects on them in a circle. Try to memorize them, flip them face down and name the cards around the circle. It’s like memory but better. Great game.

Animal upon Animal is a stacking game. Our girls love it. I’ve even played it with a bigger kid and it was a hit.

Dos is a new game from the makers of Uno. I’ve got to admit, we don’t have this one and I don’t know all the ways that it differs from Uno.  I did notice that you can play 2 cards if the numbers add up to the one on the stack. We’ve implemented that little part into our Uno game. Any way to get kids thinking about math is good.

Monopoly is a classic. The kid version is simple, doesn’t last a million years and is cute to look at.

Outfoxed is a collaborative game. We have a few of these but I feel like this one takes a little more thought so I like it. You try to figure out which fox is the thief by gathering clues and process of elimination.

My parents have Spot It for the girls at their house. It’s a fun game. Each card has something in common with another. You try to quickly spot the similarities to win. There are many different themed versions of this game so if it seems interesting, check out some of those.

Phew. I’m tired but I hope this was helpful. If you have any other game ideas I would LOVE to hear them. Comment below please.

Back to decor stuff next week. Promise. Thanks for reading, friends!

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