Takeover Makeover: Bedroom Redo Before

You guys!! I’m so excited because Takeover Makeover is back!! After a long spring of projects at home and “teaching” the girls I’m ready to take on a blank slate bedroom. Even more exciting is that this bedroom is in the home sweet home of a couple of my favorite newlyweds! This room is our wedding present to them. They have the main pieces of furniture but I’ll be setting them up with the pretty stuff to finish the space out. I want this to be a cozy, restful retreat for them. I feel like we usually have a tendency to leave our bedrooms low on the priority list. “No one sees it”, “there are more important spots in the home” etc. I get it. But also its a spot that’s worth a little time and intention. I’m so ready!! *this post contains affiliate links. When you buy from a link I provide, I receive a small percentage at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting House Homemade*
I’m so happy to have Mohawk Home sponsoring this edition of Takeover Makeover. They’re providing compensation and the prettiest rug to ground the space and add to the coziness of the room. I can’t wait to get it unwrapped and tell you all about it!
I’m headed over there this morning to let’s get started! Here’s what I have planned for the space:
I did do one part early. I stained their bed black beforehand so that they could set it up. I’m planning a feature wall behind their bed. The paint color is Sherwin Williams ‘Ripe Olive’ but I’ll also add some trim pieces for a little more dimension.
I’m bringing the crates from our mudroom to use as their nightstands. Printable art for above their bed. You can see my round ups here and here. And then just adding some cozy bedding and personal touches. Make sure to follow along today and tomorrow over on Instagram or Facebook and then check back here in a few days for the finished product.
Scroll below to shop the room:

Again, special thanks to Mohawk Home for sponsoring this makeover.
Thanks for reading, friends!

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