Mix and Match Target Bedding

I love bedding. As a kid and teen I always wanted to redo my bedroom and new bedding would consistently be on my birthday wish list… Is that normal? Probably not.. I go through phases where I’ll make our bed everyday and then times where all the pillows are sitting on our dresser for weeks at a time because the bed stays unmade. In the last couple of years though, I’ve changed the way I make up the bed and I love it so much and thought I’d share.

I did away with all of the extra pillows that we don’t actually sleep with. No euro shams, no fancy match-with-the-quilt pillows…no no. We have our king sized pillows with pillow cases that match our sheets and then, instead of the fancy pillows AKA the pillows that live on the floor or dresser every night I bought a $10 pair of coordinating pillow cases that give our bed extra color, and added layer but no extra job for me when making the bed because we each sleep with our two pillows. So instead of 2 or 3 huge pillows on the floor every night, the only thing we don’t use is the throw pillow in the front. That fringed pillow actually lives in our living room but I didn’t take an updated photo because….the bed isn’t made. Naturally.  Maybe you don’t care at all about picking up a couple extra pillows, but that little change makes me feel so much happier. No extra fluff. Just the essentials. P.S. I know that absolutely none of this is essential. In this little business I started, I’m aware of how blessed we are and that none of this is actually important when compared to pretty much anything else. God is good and the difference between needs and wants are never lost on me.

dreamy mix and match patterned bedding from Target

For a few years now, I’ve bought all of our sheets from target. I love their threshold sheet sets. The patterns and colors are so good and the set on our bed now has to be the softest set of sheets I’ve ever had. I never want to let them go. The grey buffalo check isn’t available anymore but the yellow cases are here. And the quilt set is here.

I think the thing that’s so fun lately are the trend of printed sheets. I love the idea of having this fun pattern hidden underneath a plain or, in our case, very loud quilt. It’s like unwrapping a fun present every night. It’s the little things, people…

One of the guest rooms at my parents house has target bedding. I
found the throw pillow on clearance at TJ Maxx and based the bedding
colors off of it.  At some point, another layer of pillows or a smaller
throw at the bottom will make it look even more dressed. Once I finish
outfitting this room, I’ll show you more pictures.

dreamy mix and match patterned bedding from Target

This blanket is such a great weight and I love the colors. To me, this bed is light and airy for summer. When it actually starts getting cooler outside, I’d make this room look warmer for fall and winter by unfolding the cover at the end and actually layering it on the bed, then putting a down quilt folded at the foot of the bed. More layers, more plush, more cozy.

I thought it would be fun to do a little online bedding shopping. I mixed and matched sheets and pillows and quilts for the making of an awesome new bed. **I’ve used affiliate links here. This is no extra cost to you but I earn a small percentage of the sale.**

dreamy mix and match patterned bedding from Target

I love the floral sheets with the mix of the geometric pillow cases. The quilt is more of a masculine color but has a paisley looking quilt pattern then the floral pillow is a pretty touch of feminine and a great pop of accent colors. Also, I’m all about fun flannel sheets. Ours are grey with white trees on them. I need NOT-serious in my life.

PS for easy pattern mixing, go for different sizes like a big print and a small print and then mix florals (organic like my trees) with geometric prints. Those are the easiest tips to share. It can get tricky when you add more pattern but that’s a good start.

dreamy mix and match patterned bedding from Target

Do you like my amazingly cheesy / punny bedding titles? Those came straight out of my brain. You’re welcome.

I love quilts as you can tell. That’s a more recent discovery too. I like their weight and that they can be layered and I like how they lay flat and don’t get all wrinkly like duvets or comforters.

dreamy mix and match patterned bedding from Target

I added artworks in each picture too because I liked the idea of showing how the bedding could relate to other things in the room. Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new.
If you like the bedding that you have but want to mix it up, try a
printed pillow case as a way to give it a quick change without much
cost.  If you want bedroom design help, I could do so much more. Rugs, more art, curtains….I could make you a haven. Just ask! : )

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