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Last week I got to spend time in Providence, Rhode Island with my sweet husband on a work trip. I had never been and he had to work, obviously, but I got to lounge and explore and dine without tiny humans complaining about vegetables. It was wonderful.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I hope you have a restful, filling, wonderful weekend. We’ll be celebrating with my wonderful inlaws this year then my birthday is on Sunday. It’s going to be a good week!

My friend Hannah sent me this picture last week of a coverlet that her grandma was giving her from her house in Santa Fe.

Pardon the blurry picture but you get the idea. She said it made her think of House Homemade and my mind went straight to designing a room around it. Which I did. Quickly.

It’s very southwestern looking in this room. Santa Fe. Duh. But in my head, its vintage, eclectic goodness. Let me show you.

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It's so fun to base a whole room off of one cherished piece!
What do you think? I think its the perfect way to make the beautiful cover feel like it’s at home while still looking like it’s in the room of a young professional.   
You know me and my mix and match target bedding. You can find more of my favorite combos here.  The white quilt will look so crisp and help the sheets and grandma’s coverlet to stand out. The fur pillows would be such a warm addition for the fall and winter months with something light and airy come spring. The rug brings it all together with those gorgeous colors and faded, vintage looking design. 
The longhorn print is a more modern nod to the southwestern feel but you could easily use an abstract print for more color and a more modern look. 
longhorn art

There are a million bajillion art work choices out there. Just pick something that pulls in a majority of the colors and makes you feel happy or calm or whatever you want to feel in your room. And if all else fails, a mirror would do the trick.


I love the look of the warm wood tones in the bedside table and magazine rack. The leather poof also helps add some warmth to the space.

The feather hooks would be so cute mounted on a piece of stained wood or straight to the wall. I would love them to be spray painted brass or gold though. They would coordinate with the brass in the marble accent table and the lamp. The little table would look great in a corner with a chair,  a plant and a cup of coffee. Just sayin’
Sadies Knots on ETSY and Instagram
The wall hanging is by my instagram friend Sara. She’s an art teacher. My people. A wall hanging would be so pretty in the corner. With the coffee. (Clearly I want some coffee right now.)

So there you go. A beautiful gift from a beloved grandmother, given a whole new life. I hope this room makes her happy too! Hannah, I can’t wait to see your room once you get all settled in. Send me pictures!

It's so fun to base a whole room off of one cherished piece!

Come back next week for the start of winter wonderland goodness! I’ve waited LONG ENOUGH Joel!! Must. Decorate. Now.

Thanks for reading, friends.

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It's so fun to base a whole room off of one cherished piece!

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