It’s Cold: A Flannel Sheet Round Up

Yall! I posted this picture last week on my Instagram and was amazed by how many people said, “I need some flannel sheets”. They’re the best in the whole wide world*. *By that I mean, best material thing.. in the winter… at bedtime.  Keep scrolling to see the best flannel sheets you need in the winter.

Flannel Sheet Round Up-- Cozy winter bedding

So, on the heels of this new revelation, I thought I’d source some cute flannel sheets for you to add to your Christmas list or to buy with your Christmas gift cards.

This post contains affiliate links. It’s no extra cost to you but it makes me feel a little more professional when I make more than $7 in a year. ; ) I try to make you smile with my disclaimers. Does it work?

Flannel Sheet Round Up | House Homemade
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Ok, you wont have to click around much to figure out they’re all from Target. It’s where I buy our sheets. They have great prices and I’ve loved every set I’ve had so why shop around?

I love patterned sheets. We’ve talked about all of that before. (You can find some mix and match bedding picks here.)  I think it’s fun to have a little something fun under a solid or more buttoned up quilt or comforter. Flannel sheets are only on the bed for a few months in the year in Texas so even if you aren’t sure about pattern, its a little investment and you can always go back to your solid sheets for the longest part of the year.




These patterns are so small that from afar they look like a solid.

Then this is such a bold pattern but when your bed is made, all you see is the pop of the pillow case. If you are like me and love to mix pattern, these sheets would look great with a floral or paisley or even a small scale stripe. Go for it.

And those kids sheets! They’re so fun! I want the black and white alphabet ones for the girls room but I’m waiting. And watching. And trying to persuade myself.

Such cute alphabet kids flannel sheets. Perfect in a colorful room.

Wouldn’t they look so good with the black wall and bight bedding?! Yes. Yes they would.

Girls black white and color shared room | House Homemade

Ok, so that was just a quick post for you and I guess a PSA. If you don’t have flannel sheets and you’re always cold, like me, you should definitely consider them. They’re under $25 for a king set and they make me so happy on a cold night.

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Thanks for reading, friends!

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Flannel Sheet Round Up | House Homemade

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