Finishing painting projects. Finally.

As you may know, I love changing things up and doing projects to make our house a pretty little house. You may not know that I am not a big fan of doing projects that other people wouldn’t notice or that don’t make a big impact. Like, how sad I was to get insulation blown in our attic. I know it pays off but it’s not pretty… (picture that whiny face emoji).

A couple weeks ago, with the Apartment Therapy shoot coming up, I decided to finish a couple un-fun, ‘I’ll get to it someday’ kind of projects. Both of these unfinished projects happen to be in our bedroom. You know, master bedroom decorating often gets neglected and although I am in love with the way ours looks these days, there are some super embarrassing things going on in there that I’ll show you today.

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You’ve seen our pretty bathroom that got remodeled a few years ago:


But what you don’t see is the pocket door that has only had one coat of paint on it since the bathroom was first completed.

This picture is from the inside. Maybe it has 2 coats, but it needed more. In case you’re wondering, these are my favorite paint brushes.

This beaut is looking at the bathroom from the bedroom. It’s even worse. The thing is, we only ever have it closed when were in there so most of the time, since it’s a pocket door, it’s literally out of sight out of mind. I finally sucked it up, went and bought a new quart of paint and finished the project.

The next ‘to do’ to finish? Here’s a picture I recently shared on Instagram:

Finishing low-on-the-list projects with a Homeright paint roller

Looks pretty darn good right? Except if you pan up and look at the ceiling, this is what you’ll see:

See the streaks and the shine? Ugh, it’s so yuck. It’s all I notice when I turn the corner to walk into our room and what I stare at when I’m laying in bed at night.. Here’s what happened, number one, I started painting and ran out of paint, then number 2, I tried to be a big girl and finish up but accidentally made touch ups with semi gloss paint….On our ceiling of flat paint. It’s the first thing I point out when I’m showing our room in real life.

I’m gonna stop right here and talk about how we do this with lots of things in life. We point out the bad things about our houses, clothes, figure, kids, cooking etc when others probably only see the good. I notice the wrinkles on my forehead before I notice any of the things that I like about myself… We do this and we shouldn’t. Give yourself the grace that you hopefully / probably give to others. It’s much better that way. : ) PS that’s mainly me telling myself.

Ok, back to ugly ceilings: For almost 3 years. Yes, 3 years, I’ve stared at that ceiling and thought, I wonder if the hubs notices and I really should fix that..

Apartment Therapy coming to our house for pictures was exactly the kick in the pants I needed to get this project done. Before Christmas, HomeRight provided me with this amazing paint roller to get the job done quickly. It holds the paint in the roller handle so that you can do the job with no paint tray. I’m in! I can’t stand paint trays. They’re hard to move and I’m always nervous I’ll step in the paint and so on and so on.

For this demonstration, I’d like to point out my true to life painting look. I’ve got my outdoor clogs and my color blocking going on. I will not look cute in paint clothes in order to impress anyone. Ok? Good. So, you basically put the paint straw thing into your gallon of paint, and pull the paint into the roller handle. Then, you start twisting the handle until the roller fills with paint and starts covering. There were easy instructions included. Don’t worry.

The picture below was while I was trying to get the paint out of the roller. I’m not for certain but I was probably had my mouth gaping open in complete concentration.

Painting over your head is pretty intense but I loved not having to refill the roller. Another plus is, as long as you twist the roller to let the paint out evenly, you don’t have splatters all over the place caused by a newly loaded roller. That’s the worst with a regular roller, even with a paint shield…

See all the open mouth pictures? Told you.

I did one coat then waited for it to dry before I came back and did touch ups. While I was waiting, I covered the roller with plastic wrap so it wouldn’t dry out. It was so easy! As for cleanup, It wasn’t hard, it just took a long time to get the paint cleared out of the tubing. I stuck the straw part into water and pulled water through the paint handle and squeezed it out until it was relatively clear.

Here’s our bedroom now. No cropping the ceiling out!

Finishing low-on-the-list projects with a Homeright paint roller

Can’t wait to use the roller again! I highly recommend it if you have big paint projects coming up, especially ceilings or tall spaces with ladders involved. So much easier.

HomeRight provided me with the roller but I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting companies that support House Homemade. And thanks mom, for these super flattering images, I think you have a future in photography.

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you on the
process, or if there’s anything I left out! Also, tell me, do you have
any projects that have been calling your name for a while now?

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Thanks for reading, friends.

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  1. It looks fantastic! I cracked up when you said the ceiling was the first thing you point it, because yep, I totally didn't even notice it until you said something! 😀 Isn't it funny how we always do that?

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