One Room Challenge Week FOUR

It got real. 2 weeks left until I reveal the playroom for the One Room Challenge. At the beginning of the week I was like ‘I don’t got this….’ but spoiler alert: We made huge progress in a week! Here’s what I’ve got going on.

One Room Challenge Week 3: Playroom Makeover

Over the weekend it went from this…

One Room Challenge Week 3: Playroom Makeover

to looking better and more realistic than this….

One Room Challenge Week 3: Playroom Makeover

If you haven’t been around this whole time. I’m a guest participant in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling It Home. It’s a blogging event where you redo a room in 6 weeks. It’s not a contest because whoever does it, wins. They win a pretty room that’s DONE. You can see week four progress of other guests here.

You can catch up on my progress here:

Thursday, May 4th (week 5) – Changes in the plan. Almost done. 
Thursday, May 11th (week 6) – The Finale! Reveal the room!

 Here’s the design board for the space:

One Room Challenge Week 3: Playroom Makeover

I was feeling overwhelmed at the end of last week. Feeling bad for putting so much extra and unnecessary stuff on my handsome man’s plate. He didn’t sign up for this.. I did. But he sweetly does it all and without complaining. I’m not just writing this because he reads it. Thanks for reading and thanks for doing so much, Joelseppe. He screws up my probable 100% female reader statistic by the way. : ) And his actual name is not, in fact, Joelseppe. 

So like I said, overwhelmed. But then, the slow, tedious stuff was over and I felt like it started to come together. He fixed the electrical problem by moving the plugs. We attached the bed frame to the wall and then the smaller pieces to the bed. (you can see both of those things in the photo below) They weigh a million pounds but I didn’t want the girls pushing their feet against the wall and maybe budging it. Especially since we’re trimming around it like it’s the edge of the room.

One Room Challenge Week 3: Playroom Makeover

I had already pulled the baseboards up so that we could fit the built in bases and the baseboards were another thing on his list but I decided I’ve watched that process enough times. I did it! Some of them. There were a couple cuts I needed his help with and some he had to make better… But I tried to help. He did the actual installing and nailing. I don’t like tools that shoot out nails and a crazy speed. No thanks.

So, in a day it went from empty “boxes” to this:

One Room Challenge Week 3: Playroom Makeover

My brother’s girlfriend was coming to spend the night with us so I went ahead and made it look as pretty as possible. And it did!  Tip of the day: Pillows and throws make everything prettier.

Linen Spa was kind enough to send us this mattress which also doubled as a lesson in vacuum packing.

One Room Challenge Week 3: Playroom Makeover

I was honestly surprised at how well the mattress fit and how good our handy work looks. Turns out all the measurement taking and sketchbook drawings I did, actually worked. SCORE! Also, she said the bed was super comfortable so that awesome too. Thanks Linen Spa!

After my hubs did the heavy duty building, I moved in the bookshelves and mounted them to the wall. I started trimming them in so that they look more like built ins. This is where things started to come together.

One Room Challenge Week 3: Playroom Makeover

My mom came and helped me hang the faux roman shade. (Tutorial coming soon.) She also caulked ALL THE THINGS while I measured and cut the flat trim pieces for the sides and edges of the built ins. (I promise a huge post all things “built ins” sometime after this is over.)

One Room Challenge Week 3: Playroom Makeover

I also got the new paint color. So painting is in my near future. Painting walls and painting tons of tiny trim with a tiny brush. And baseboards. So basically painting everything..

Also, I can’t help but style the shelves. It’s such a waste of time. I’m still painting…..I just can’t help myself. Also, why do I keep adding horizontal surfaces to our house when I don’t like dusting?

So here’s the to do list:

patch holes and paint ceiling and walls and closet
build platforms for bookcases and bed
prime and paint built ins
wallpaper built in wall around window
build IKEA bookcases
trim built ins
make roman shades
paint art table
diy lazy susan for art supplies
paint bar stools
stain toy crates and desk top
create desk and desk wall
sew day bed pillows
diy large wall art
diy pendant light
install ceiling fan
organize toy storage/ donate all the toys ; )
hang artwork
stage the shelves with toys, books and plants
make the room look amazing with thrifted finds, etsy goodness and DIY’s galore

I just want to take a minute and say I feel so blessed to be getting to do this. This blog. My Instagram. Getting to be creative. Hopefully inspiring. It just fills me up and I’m so thankful to God for putting me in this position. I get to love on my babies. Take care of my family. And make things pretty. I really could not ask for more.

Thank you so much for being here, and for following along. I cannot wait to get to be able to reveal the room! Also, I’m so thankful for the companies sponsoring House Homemade. It’s sounds so fancy and blows my mind they are trusting me to pull this off. ; )

Come back next week! Lindsay, I’m posting Monday and Thursday ok?

Thanks for reading, friends.

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  1. I'm dying to come over and see it! The bed in front of the window is super dreamy. Your girls are going to make so many wonderful memories there!

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