One Room Challenge Week THREE

Hello! Welcome back! **Lindsay, I’m sorry I didn’t notify you that I’m not posting on Tuesdays during the One Room Challenge. It’ll be Thursday for a little while. Also, thanks for knowing that I usually post on Tuesdays and for actually reading what I write. Love your face.** Hope you had a good Easter. Hope you got all of the mini Cadbury eggs you could handle. We had a great weekend. Our church’s newest campus launched and it was so cool getting to see God work!

I’ve been hard at work in the playroom and even asked my sweet fam to lend a hand on Sunday when they were over for Easter. Remember I left you with this totally staged but very pretty picture last week?

Well now it looks like this:

I know this is a different view but man does this overwhelm me…

In case you’ve missed my last 2 posts regarding the One Room Challenge, those can be found here:

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Originally when I saw this week was about setbacks I really thought I wouldn’t have anything to talk about. I planned this bad boy for so long, I thought there was so way I would have a problem.

Silly me.

First off, I’ve shown you the design board every week so why not keep that going?

The setback that I stumbled upon originally was the paint color I chose. I talked a bit about this last week. Behr was kind enough to supply me with the paint for this project and I chose Queen’s Violet for the ceiling and then Mystic Fairy for the walls.

They are such beautiful colors but I don’t know what I was thinking. They are way too similar. It would have been like standing in the belly of a purple care bear. Just saying. There wasn’t enough contrast and it just looked like the same color on the walls and ceiling.

I was so annoyed. I usually pride myself on being a wiz of a paint color
picker. That’s what I get… Gotta take me back down a notch sometimes.

Sweetly, Behr was kind enough to let me make it right. The darker of the two colors in Queen’s Violet and it will stay on the ceiling but now will be paired with Melodic White.

A little grey, a little mauve, mostly white. This, I like. Now I just have to paint once it gets here.

Another thing I changed, wasn’t in the plans but this change is totally something I’d do anyway… I love the wallpaper I picked but I wanted to incorporate some blues into it as well. So what did I do?

I got out a sharpie and added some blue. Yes, it wasn’t planned and yes it isn’t noticeable from afar but I love the little bit that it adds and I love coloring. So there. It’s the column of purple flowers right above the chair.

The next problem? Yes.. I’m still going. When I drew out the plans for the bed and bookshelves, I didn’t account for the outlets on the wall. They’re sticking out right where the beams of the bed cross. Which means the bed isn’t flush to the wall AND that I can’t plug anything into either of those outlets.. My studly, bed building, problem solving, mathematician husband is working on this pickle. He’ll solve it. He’s good like that.

In the meantime, its looking sharp!

Pretty darn close to my drawing so far. Minus almost all the things….

Okay One Room Challenge, I’ve learned my lesson. I can’t plan for everything and everything won’t go as planned. I’m just barely learning this in life by the way. It’s taken me a while…and I’m 1000% sure I’ll never fully release control. ugh….

However, I’m still loving the space and think it will be just what I’ve been envisioning this whole time. Can’t wait to get the built ins built and to cuddle with my sweet pumpkins on a dreamy daybed of happiness. . 

As for the checklist:

patch holes and paint ceiling and walls and closet
build platforms for bookcases and bed
prime and paint built ins
wallpaper built in wall around window
build IKEA bookcases
trim built ins
make roman shades
paint art table
diy lazy susan for art supplies
paint bar stools
stain toy crates and desk top
create desk and desk wall
sew day bed pillows
diy large wall art
diy pendant light
install ceiling fan
organize toy storage/ donate all the toys ; )
hang artwork
stage the shelves with toys, books and plants
make the room look amazing with thrifted finds, etsy goodness and DIY’s galore

Make sure you come back next week! Hopefully the walls will be painted and the plug issue will be solved. I just want one outlet, that’s all I’m asking for.

Thank you so much to the awesome sponsors that are making this awesomeness happen.

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  1. I love your color palette and the way that the wallpaper pulls it all together. Looks like a lot of work, but it's going to be fabulous.

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